Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Acacia - See Mimosa
Aconitum - See Monkshood

African Lily - See agapanthus

Agapanthus Agapanthus - Also known as African lily. Large round flower made up of small multiple star-like blossoms. Available in blue and occasionally white. Normally last 7-10 days. Available August-September.
Ageratum Ageratum - Also known as houstonianum.  Typically used as a filler flower.
Alchemillia Alchemillia - Also known as mollis. Mostly used as a wild filler flower. Several small multiple yellow blooms per stem.
Allium - See Allium Bullet, Allium Giganteum, and Allium Purple Sensation.
Allium Bullet Allium Bullet - Also known as drumstick or golfball allium. Smaller of the allium varieties found commonly in purple and rarely in white. Very long lasting flower with very small blooms on the ball-like flower. Has an onion like odor. Long lasting.
Allium Giganteum Allium Giganteum - The largest of the allium family. Large purple head near the size of a baseball or softball. Long lasting with thousands of small blooms on the ball-like flower. It has an onion like odor. Long lasting flower.
Allium Purple Sensation Allium Purple Sensation - The medium size allium. Found in purple with a bloom about the size of a baseball. Hundreds of small blooms on the ball-like flower. It has an onion like odor. Long lasting flower.
Alstromeria Alstromeria - Also known as a Peruvian lily. It has small multiple lily-like blooms on each stem. Available in a rainbow of colors from pink, to white, to red. Available year round. Flowers can last up to 2 weeks.
Amaranthus Amaranthus - Also known as hypochondriacus or cat's tali. Tall, thick, weedy, wild flower. Commonly found in red and green.
Amaryllis Amaryllis - Also known as hippeastrum. Large blossoms that open fully at about 5 inches each with multiple blooms per stem. Available in a large variety of colors. Stems are hollow and can be supported with a wooden stick placed inside. Typically last around 2 weeks. Available year round.
Ammi - See Queen Anns Lace.
Annas - See Pineapple.
Anemone Anemone - Also known as windflower. Anemones are small blossoming flowers available in a rainbow of colors. The paper-like blooms open quickly. Average life is 6-12 days. Do not use with daffodils or narcissus because the stems will become limp.
Anethum Anethum - Also known as dill flower. Yellow blossom flower with a strong dil-like odor. Used mostly as a wild flower filler for arrangements. Lasts around 1 week.
Anigozanthos - See kangaroo paw.
Anthurium Anthurium - A heart shaped waxy looking exotic flower. Available in white, red, pinks, and variegated colors. Before placing anthurium in a vase soak the flower head in room temperature for 15-20 minutes. Avoid placing anthuriums in temperatures below 55 degrees F. Very long lasting tropical flower with a vase life of 2-3 weeks.
Antirrhinum - See Snapdragon.
Aranda Orchid Aranda Orchid - Strong stem orchid available in pinks and purples.
Argentea - See celosia.
Artichoke Bloom Artichoke Bloom - Also called cynara. It is a strong exotic stem flower with a purple bloom. The leaves and head are prick.y. Last 7-14 days. Use strong knife for stem.
Asclepias Asclepias - Available in orange and pinks. Used mostly as a filler flower.
Asiatic Lily - See Tiger Lily.
Aster Matsumoto - See Matsumoto aster.
Astilbe Astilbe - Used mostly as a filler flower. Available in white, rose, and pink colors. Lasts 5-10 days.