Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Baby's Breath Baby's Breath. Also known as gypsophilia. It has bunches of clustered puffy ball-like flower. Usually found in white. Lasts 5-9 days. Remove all foliage below the water level to avoid bacteria buildup.
Banksia Protea Banksia Protea-Exotic flower with a strong wooden stem. Large yellowish bloom. Lasts over 2 weeks.
Belladonna Belladonna- Also known as delphinium. Shorter of the delphinium. Available in dark blue, light blue, and white. Small blooms in the shape of downward pointing bells climb the stem.
Belladonna Lily-See Amaryllis
Bellflower-See campanula.
Bells of Ireland Bells of Ireland. Tall stems of green bell shaped flower with multiple blooms climbing the stem. Sweet smell. Lasts 7-14 days. Generally used as a filler green or exotic green filler flower.
Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise-Also known as strelitzia. Tropical flower with a long pointed waxy bloom. Flower bloom is orangish and blooms upward from the flower. If the fan-like blossom is not open when you purchase them, soak the flower head in water for about 20 minutes. Next gently reach into the base of the head and lift out the blossoms into a fan shape. Avoid temperatures below 50 degrees F.
Blazing Star-See liatris.
Bouvardia Bouvardia-Multiple four petal blooms on each stem. Available in pinks, Whites, and Reds. Last around 7 days.
Broom-See genistra.
Burpleurum Burpleurum-Also known as griffithii. Multiple small yellowish green blooms on multiple branched stems. Mostly used as a filler green. Lasts 7-12 days.