Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Gardenia Gardenia-Large round waxy flower. Very fragrant and short lived. Keep sprayed with water.  Don't touch petals with hands because the oils will cause it to yellow.
Garlic - See allium.
Genistra Genistra- Also called broom flower. Mostly used as a filler flower. Sweet smelling. Last 7-14 days.
Gerbera Daisy Gerbera Daisy-Large daisy available in a rainbow of colors and sizes. Last 5-10 days. Smaller blooms last longer.
Ginger Ginger-Exotic tropical flower with a thick stem and a long waxy blossom. Average size is 3-4 feet tall. Available in red and pink. Soak the head in water for 10-15 minutes when received. Don't keep below 55 degrees F. Last 7-14 days.
Gipsy Gipsy- Related to the carnation this flower has a shredded bloom on top. Available in pink, purple, and white.
Gladiolus Gladiolus- Also known as a sword lily. Tall thick stem with multiple strong blossoms climbing to the tip. Available in a rainbow of colors. Snap off top few buds to help the rest open. Remove any dead blooms at the bottom part of the stem. Last 7-14 days.
Globe Thistle Globe Thistle-Also called echinops. Strong flower. Prickly with a purple bloom. Last 1-2 weeks.
Glorioso Glorioso-Look like a lily turned inside out. Bloom is yellow with red tips. Last 7-10 days. Available March-November.
Godetia Godetia-Light and airy paper-like blossoms on a strong stem. Multi bloom flower is available in a rainbow of colors and some are variegated. Live 4-10 days.
Goldenbells - See forsythia.
Golfball - See Allium Bullet.
Gomphrena Gomphrena- Small ball-like multi blossom flower. Available in purple, pink, and white. Live 6-9 days.
Griffithii - See burpleurum.
Gypsophalia - See baby's breath.