Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Heather Heather-Spiked flower with clusters of tiny ball-like flowers on the stem. Shades of pink, lavender, and white. Used as a bright filler flower. The stem requires a strong knife.
Helenium Helenium-Small yellow daisy-like flower. Lasts around one week.
Helianthus-See sunflower.
Heliconia-See parakeet heliconia,caribea heliconia, lobster claw, parrot heliconia.
Hippeastrum-See amaryllis.
Houstonianum-See Ageratum.
Hyacinth Hyacinth- Short, heavy flower with multiple star-shaped flowers on the stem. Extremely fragrant. Available in pink, blue, purple, and white. Last 8-14 days.
Hydrangea Hydrangea- Puffy cloud-like flower. Available in blue, white, pink, and purple. Last 7-12 days.
Hypericum Hypericum-Tall flower with berry like greenish blooms. Last 8-14 days.
Hypochondriacus-See Amaranthus.