Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Lady Slipper Orchid - See paphiopedilum orchid.
Larkspur Larkspur- Also known as delphinium. Very tall stems with many branches. Available in purple, pink, and white. Last 1-2 weeks. May shed while aging.
Lathyrus-See sweet pea.
Le Reve Lily Le Reve Lily - Fragrant light pink lily. Most are multi bloom lasting 7-15 days.
Leptospernum Leptospernum- Woody stem with multiple branches carrying prickly white, pink, or red blossoms. Last 7-10 days.
Leucadendron-See safari sunset.
Liatris Liatris- Tall spike of fuzzy purple mini blossoms. Last 7-14 days.
Lilac Lilac - Fragrant flowers usually in purple or white. Remove bottom leaves. Smash the bottom of the woody stems for best results. Last around one week.
Lily- See tiger lily, casablanca lily, le reve lily, Easter lily, stargazer lily.
Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley-Also known as convallaria. Small sweet smelling white flower. Delicate and short lived. Popular with weddings.
Limonium-See statice.
Leucospernum-See Pin Cushion Protea.
Lisianthus Lisianthus - Also known as eustoma. Has rounded bell-like flowers with multiple blooms per stem. Comes in white, pink, purple, and variegated colors. Removing old dead blooms can help small buds open. Lasts around 7-10 days.
Lobster Claw Lobster Claw-Large exotic heliconia. Claw-like reddish orange bloom. Lasts 7-12 days.
Lysmachia Lysmachia-White cone like shaped flower. Top curves over to the side. Lasts 7-12 days.