Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Marigold Marigold-Also known as calendula. Daisy like bloom. Available in yellows and oranges.
Matsumoto Aster Matsumoto Aster-Also known as china aster. Long lasting aster with thick daisy-like blooms. Several blooms per stem. Available in purple,pink, and white.Matthiola-See stock.
Mimosa Mimosa-Also known as acacia. Puffy yellow balls. Sweet smelling with a short vase life.
Mini Carnations Mini Carnations-Also called dianthus. Strong and long lasting miniature multi-bloom flower. Available in a rainbow of colors. Available year round. Last 1-2 weeks.
Mini Gladiolus-See colvillei.
Mollis-See Alchemillia.
Monkshood Monkshood-Also known as aconitum. Available in purple or occasionally white. The stems are tall with blooms that become partly open. They last about a week.
Montbretia Montbretia- Also known as crocosmia. Small orange or red blooms. Last 7-10 days.
Monticasino Aster Monticasino Aster- Multiple small daisy-like blooms on multiple branches. Available mostly in white, pink, and purple. They last 5-10 days. Make sure you remove any foliage below the water level.
Moth Orchid-See phalaenopsis orchid.
Mums-See chrysanthemums.
Muscari Muscari-Short blue flower with bell-like blooms.Delicate stems. Last 5-9 days.