Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Paeonia - See peony.
Papaver Papaver-Dried seed like bloom on a tall stem.
Paphiopedilum Orchid Paphiopedilum Orchid-Also known as the lady slipper orchid. These orchids are a shiny, waxy leafed flower with one larger rounded petal and two longer, narrower with a cup-like center. Mostly used in corsages.
Parakeet Heliconia Parakeet Heliconia-Exotic pinkish blooms with a few large tropical leaves. Last 7-14 days. Do not keep below 55 degrees F.
Peony Peony-Large rose-like bloom on a strong stem. This flower starts off as a large ball and then opens up to be approximately 3-4 times the bud size. Available in white and pink shades. Peonies last 5-10 days. Available late April-July.
Peruvian Lily-See Alstromeria.
Phalaenopsis Orchid Phalaenopsis Orchid-Also known as moth orchids because of their shape. They come with multiple orchids on a stem. Commonly used in corsages because they are somewhat fragile. Available in white, pink, and lavender. Last 1-2 weeks.
Phlox Phlox-Thirsty flower with small blooms at the top. Available in pinks, white, and red.Last 7-10 days
Physotegia Physotegia- Strong flower with small blooms near the tip. Available in purple and white. Last 1-2 weeks.
Pincushion Protea Pincushion Protea-Strong stem exotic flower with needle-like soft petals. Available in yellow and orange. Last 7-15 days.
Pineapple Pineapple-Also known as annas. These are small ornamental pink pineapples. Exotic flower lasts for almost 2 weeks.
Pink Mink Protea Pink Mink Protea- Large exotic strong bloom. Very strong stem. Pink with black tips. Last 1-2 weeks.
Pom Poms - See chrysanthemums.
Protea- See banksia,king, queen, pink mink, pin cushion.