Cut Flowers and Filler Reference

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Sandersonia Sandersonia - Tall flower with orange bell-like blooms. Lasts 7-10 days.
Safflower Safflower-Also called carthamus. Long lasting tall flower with multiple round orange blossoms. Available summer-fall.
Safari Sunset Safari Sunset- Green with a reddish plant-like bloom. Last 7-14 days.
Scabiosa Scabiosa-Small paper-like blooms. Available in white, pink, and purple. Last 5-10 days.
Scilla Scilla- Short blue flower with mini blooms. Last 5-10 days.
Sea Holly Sea Holly- Also known as eryngium. Prickly wild flower with purple blossoms. Last 1-2 weeks.
Sedum Sedum-Yellow flower used mostly as a filler flower. Last 7-10 days.
Snapdragon Snapdragon-Also known as antirrhinum. Tall thirsty flower with blooms reaching the top of the flower. Available in red, pink, yellow, white, and variegated colors. Live around one week.
Solidago Solidago-Yellow flower used mostly as a filler flower. Last 7-10 days.
Spray Carnations-See mini carnations.
Stargazer Lily Stargazer Lily- Fragrant almost pungent smell. Large pink and white tip lily. Last 7-10 days.
Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem-Also called ornithogalum. Strong flower with white blooms at the top. Last 10-15 days.
Statice Statice-Also called limonium. Long lasting filler flower with multiple blooms at the top. Available in yellow, pink, purple, and white. Lives 7-15 days and dries well if hung upside-down.
Stephanotis Stephanotis- Small white flower blooms used mostly for wedding work.
Stock Stock-Also called matthiola. Very sweet peppermint smelling flower. The stems are thick and need to be smashed at the bottom for best results. Remove all lower leaves. Lasts 5-8 days.Stephanotis- White small blooms used mostly for wedding work.
Strelitzia-See bird of paradise.
Sunflower Sunflower-Tall, bright, daisy-like yellow flower. Lasts 7-14 days.  Change water often.
Sweet Pea Sweet Pea- Also known as lathyrus. Short delicate flower with light pastel blossoms. Last 5-10 days.
Sword Lily-See gladiolus.
Syringa-See lilac.