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Rose Care

  Far too often, a florist will see someone walk through their door with a vase of wilted, drooping   flowers, or receive a call from an unhappy recipient. If more florists took the time to teach their   customers how to properly care for their flowers when they make the delivery, they could easily   avoid most of these uncomfortable situations. Your flowers should last more than just a day or two,   and If you pay attention to their needs, they may have their life greatly extended.

  Probably the most regularly requested flower, the rose is popular almost everywhere in the world.   Both domestic and imported, they are available in a variety of colors. The most important thing to   remember about roses isThey are Thirsty! A dozen can consume as much as 18 oz / 530 ml of water   in a day! Drooping heads are a sure sign the water level is too low. If your arrangement reaches this   point, recut each stem underwater with a sharp knife and place it immediately into a vase full of   fresh water and flower food. Cutting the stem under water helps to prevent air from being trapped in   the stem, and improves the flower food solution uptake. Mix the flower food according to directions;   too little will not sustain the blooms, too much will cause fading or brown petal tips. It is also   advisable to not use water from a home, or commercial water softener.

  If one or more of your flowers begin to wilt prematurely, it may indicate that air is trapped in the   stem, and is preventing the flower food solution from moving up, and reaching the flower. There may   also be a nick or scrape on the stem, that is above the water line. To revive the flower, recut the   stem about an inch from the bottom, or above the damaged area. Place the stem in a container of   warm water. It should revive the flower in about an hour, after which the flower may be returned to   the arrangement.

  Display them in a cool, moderately lit area. The cooler you keep them (above freezing), the longer   they will last. Roses 'blow' open quickly or wilt if kept too warm, or left in the sun. For goodness   sake, never place the vase on top of the television!

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