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Comforting relatives, friends, or associates that have lost a loved one is not easy, and many people are uncertain about how to express their sympathy, or condolences. Nearly every culture throughout history has included the use of flowers as part of their funeral, and memorial traditions.

Whether a traditional funeral, or memorial, tastefully done floral tributes will add beauty, and dignity to the service. In addition, they also serve a functional role,by adding warmth, and visible, emotional support to the bereaved. The service is a way of honoring someone's life, and bright colorful flowers are a meaningful part of the tribute.

The sympathy card provides a means of acknowledging the loss, while expressing your condolences. It allows you to convey, in one or two sentences, what that loss means to you. Asking the florist for help in conveying this message is common. You may find the following suggestions helpful.

  • Our Deepest Sympathy
  • With Deepest Sympathy
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you
  • Loving Father (or Mother)
  • He/She lives with us in memory, and will for evermore
  • Beloved wife and mother
  • Beloved Husband and Father
  • Your love lights our way, and your memory will forever be with us
  • You will never be forgetten
  • Your memory will always be in our hearts
  • Always in our hearts
  • May you be blessed with eternal life, and love
  • You brought joy into our lives            

  • This is a confusing time for a grieving family. Be sure to identify yourself on the sympathy card. If not an immediate family member, always use your surname. The funeral director should keep a copy of each card received, and give them to the family following the service. It is common for a florist to be contacted by family members, requesting the full name of the sender, if it was not provided.

    Staying it in touch, when someone you care about experiences a loss is important. Try sending flowers to brighten their day. Just a small bouquet will convey your message of support, and concern. It may be helpful in reminding them they are not alone in their grief.